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Hawkesbury & Colo Exploration

Hawkesbury & Colo Exploration

After seeing a fun route that some of the Omafeits guys did I was inspired to do some more exploring around the Hawkesbury River and Colo.

Mat Hollingsworth
Mat Hollingsworth

6 min read

After seeing a fun route that some of the Omafeits guys did I was inspired to do some more exploring around the Hawkesbury River and Colo.

Central to Windsor

I set of on the 7am train from Central Station to Windsor. I had recently bought some new Voile straps, turns out that they are pretty handy for securing your bike to the train.

Windsor to Tractor 828

From Windsor station I took the back road down Argyle to Tractor 828, where I stopped for a coffee and a brownie. I quickly discovered that it was Magpie breeding season and I got aggressively swooped by a Magpie while I crossed the farmlands. One got close enough to clip my ear and break the skin.  But the coffee and brownie were excellent.

Tractor 828 to Lower Portland

I then took the Sackville ferry and road to Lower Portland via River Road. I took the Lower Portland Ferry and then continued along Greens Road to the start of the gravel section. The River Road section is super fun. There are a few gentle climbs and almost no traffic, with great views over the river and farmland.

Wheelbarrow Ridge Road and Colo Heights Road

This section was the absolute highlight of the day! The ride from the Lower Portland Ferry along Greens Road was really beautiful and easy. Until I left the river and started ascending to the start of Wheelbarrow Ridge RD! Thing got a lot more challenging very quickly I manage to ride the first 1km but then had to hike-a-bike for a few hundred meters to get over the steepest section near the second switchback (Strava says 24%?!?).

I was soon back on the bike and pushed through the last 1km to the start of Wheelbarrow Ridge RD.

Wheelbarrow Ridge RD was super fun! A really diverse mix of gradual climbing, sand, gravel, a few pointy sections and some quick little descents.

I eventually hit the tarmac and rode down Putty Rd to Upper Colo Heights RD, which might be the most interesting road the I've ridden in Australia. It was (fortunately) all down hill, though I did think it would make a great challenge to climb it one day. It features great views and constant switchbacks cut out of the stone all the way down to Colo where it meets and old timber bridge at the Colo River.

Cycling wheelbarrow ridge road

Back to Windsor

After a short break at the Colo River bridge I was planning to ride up Comleroy Road pas Wheeny Creek and back to Windsor, but I immediately popped a rear spoke. My wheel was buckled and I didn't have any spares or any way to replace so I decided to return along the easier and more populated Upper Colo Road to Tractor 828 and then back to the station. I was slow going but the bike held up. There was some fun riding through this section, though I did get attacked by several more Magpies.


I timed the train pretty well, so I didn't wait long.

All said and done it was a great day, and it confirmed for me that there is a lot more riding to be done in the area.

Route Map