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Hazel's First Bike Ride

Hazel's First Bike Ride

Mat Hollingsworth
Mat Hollingsworth

1 min read

As a keen cyclist and first time dad, going for a bike ride with Hazel was one of the activities that I was most excited about.

Our good friends at Omafiets in Sydney got us setup with a Orbea Katu 20 (in lime green), a Thule Yepp mini bike seat, and a Nutcase Helmet (discontinued).

While her first ride was only around the back yard, it was the best thing ever.
Since then I've been riding with Hazel and Prue most days and we're venturing a little father each time.

Hazel loves it, she grins and flaps as we ride. She's adorable in her Helmet, which only fits with a beanie underneath. And her feet don't yet reach the stirrups of her seat.

Hopefully Hazel develops the same love that Prue and I have for cycling and we can go on many bike adventures as a family.