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Hiking the Razorback at Mt Feathertop

Hiking the Razorback at Mt Feathertop

Mat Hollingsworth
Mat Hollingsworth

4 min read

Prue, Simon and I have both spent a lot of time at Mt Hotham, which means we've spent a lot of time looking at Mt Feathertop. While camping in Milawa this easter, we finally got organised to hiked the razor back.

We set off early(ish), around 7am from our campsite after a short stop in Myrtleford to pickup breakfast and salad rolls for lunch from the bakery we started the drive up Mt Hotham.

We Parked at Diamantina Hut carpark and begun hiking just before 10am.

It was perfect conditions, crisp blue sky, sunshine, and few people on the trail.

The trail was quite rocky and exposed to begin with.  As we set off we were all thinking that it could be a rather repetitious track track as we trundled along the ridge line.

But after the first steep descent at the knoll and we begun to climb through the scrub, the terrain changed dramatically and continued to vary throughout the walk.

The flora seemed to change every kilometre or so and there was a good mix of up and down to keep it interesting without making it too challenging.

The final pinch was pretty challenging and slow going. It included a few sections that were quite steep and narrow, Prue struggled a little bit the the narrowness of the path and the steepness of the faces down from the path, but we managed to make it to the top without incident.

After descending the summit we headed down to Flinders hut for lunch. The hut was quite interesting, we dreamed of coming back in winter when there was snow and doing the hike back down to Harrietville.

The walk back was fine, and didn't take too long, but we're getting pretty tired and sore towards the end. The last 3km weren't especially fun, but we did find the energy to sprint up the last little hill to the finish.

To top off an already fantastic day we headed down the hill to Wandiligong to catch up with long time Mt Hotham pals Alex and Stevie at the recently 'spruced up' Wandi Pub. It was ace to catchup with them. Prue and I are now pretty enamoured with Wandiligong and have been dreaming of buy a little patch of our own in the area.