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Jordan & Petra

Jordan & Petra

Whilst visiting Israel, we took a two-day side-trip to Jordan to visit Petra.

Mat Hollingsworth
Mat Hollingsworth

4 min read

Whilst visiting Israel, we took a two-day side-trip to Jordan to visit Petra.

Day 1 - Jerash

We set off in the morning from Tel Aviv, after crossing the border and driving through the Jordan valley, our first stop was Jerash.


We continued from Jerash to Amman where we visited the citadel ruins and had an amazing panorama over the 7 hills of the old city.

After descending into the old city, we unexpectedly stopped and the bus was boarded by a man carrying an enormous tray of Knafeh.  We had tried Knafeh in Istanbul, this one was much better. It was lighter and creamier. Apparently it was the traditional nablus style.

Bedouin Camp

We spent the night at the 7 wonders bedouin camp. The accommodation was modest, but it far exceeded our expectations. It had hot showers, full sized beds and even WiFi. The setting was beautiful.

Day 2 - Petra

In the morning we made the short drive to the ancient Nabataean city of  Petra. It had been occupied continuously until 1987 when the Jordanian government evicted the bedouins to create a tourist attraction.

I had visited on a school trip when I was 16. It is even more impressive that I remembered.

It is an enormous site, we walked almost 12km in the few short hours that we were there.

We hiked up to the Monastery. It took about 45 mins of walking up stairs in the blazing sun. But it was worth the effort.