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Mel & James' Wedding in Hamburg

Mel & James' Wedding in Hamburg

It's Hochzeit time! Congratulations James and Mel! German weddings are fantastic.

Mat Hollingsworth
Mat Hollingsworth

2 min read

It's Hochzeit time! Congratulations James and Mel!  German weddings are fantastic.


The wedding was beautiful. A lovely church service with lots of singing and merriment at Mel's family chapel - thatch roof to boot. The reception was great fun and lots fantastic friendly people. I cam third in the musical chairs. Vivien came first in the "Ich bin blumenhändlerin von Beruf" saying and shoe dancing.

Hamburg Day Trip

After the wedding, Mum, Dad, Viv and I went to Hamburg for the day. We did a bus tour which was great. Then we wandered around, drank beer and ate pretzels. Hamburg is a pretty town which a lot going on. I like it. Oh and mum somehow forgot the word for wine and asked for 'White beer' so she got both.