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Friends & Family

Weddings, birthdays, special occasions and family gatherings.

Mat Hollingsworth

Gil’s First Bike Ride

Another Proud Dad moment this month as we took Gil out for his first bike ride on the Katu. He's just turned seven months and he's able to hold his head up. With some extra padding and a beanie we were able to fit his new green dinosaur helmet on
Mat Hollingsworth

Christmas in Loxton

Prue, Hazel and I spent Hazel's first Christmas with Jill and Jim at their home in Loxton South Australia. There are no direct flights to Mildura, the nearest airport to Loxton, so we flew via Melbourne. The drought was immediately obvious on arriving in Mildura. Everything was bone dry.   Christmas
Mat Hollingsworth

Lior & Gil's Wedding

When Gil & Lior invited us to their wedding in Israel, we immediately decided to go. Though I hadn't seen Gil in 12 years and I'd never met Lior, I was certain it was going to be a fantastic day. It exceeded my expectations.
Mat Hollingsworth

Afternoon at Vivien & David's house

We spent the Sunday after Ian's 70th at Vivien's and David's house. Ava was the centre of attention.
Mat Hollingsworth

Ian's 70th

In September we celebrated Ian's 70th birthday at the RACV club on Collins Street in Melbourne. It was a fun night with lots of silliness including, the usual outrageousness from Lachlan.
Mat Hollingsworth

Ava's First Birthday

On June 24th Ava had her first birthday. We celebrated with a party in the Berwick gardens then then opened gifts back at Lizzy's house. I took a few shots of the day.
Mat Hollingsworth

Mel & James' Wedding in Hamburg

It's Hochzeit time! Congratulations James and Mel! German weddings are fantastic.