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Travel & Adventures

Everything from exploring our local area to multi-day international expeditions.

Mat Hollingsworth

Yucatán Peninsula Mexico & Guatemala (2011)

With Australia's borders closed, and no chance of travel on the horizon, I've been revisiting our past holidays. It was finally time to write up this story. It was our first overseas trip together and one of our most eventful.
Mat Hollingsworth

Christmas in Loxton

Prue, Hazel and I spent Hazel's first Christmas with Jill and Jim at their home in Loxton South Australia. There are no direct flights to Mildura, the nearest airport to Loxton, so we flew via Melbourne. The drought was immediately obvious on arriving in Mildura. Everything was bone dry.   Christmas
Mat Hollingsworth

Colo Excursion

After missing out on riding Colmeroy Rd the last time I was in the area, I decided to return and have another try.
Mat Hollingsworth

Lior & Gil's Wedding

When Gil & Lior invited us to their wedding in Israel, we immediately decided to go. Though I hadn't seen Gil in 12 years and I'd never met Lior, I was certain it was going to be a fantastic day. It exceeded my expectations.
Mat Hollingsworth


We went to Israel to attend Gil and Lior's wedding, and I fell in love with Israel all over again. It is one of the most fun weeks that we have had overseas.
Mat Hollingsworth

Jordan & Petra

Whilst visiting Israel, we took a two-day side-trip to Jordan to visit Petra.
Mat Hollingsworth

Istanbul Attractions

The first stop on our way to Gil and Lior's wedding was Istanbul. It's changed a lot since I was first here in 2007, but it is still one of my favourite destinations.
Mat Hollingsworth

Istanbul Food

The food alone is a good reason to visit Istanbul, it was certainly the focus of our visit. We gave it our best shot to try everything, but we still missed a lot. Including Çiğ köfte, Turkish Delight, Turkish Icecream and Nougat. Warning: this is a very long post!
Mat Hollingsworth

Blue Mountains with Vivien

In September Vivien came to visit in Sydney. We took a day trip to the Blue Mountains and visited the three sisters and Anvil Rock
Mat Hollingsworth

A week in Port Douglas

Exhausted from moving to Sydney and Prue's new role, we decided to take a short break in Port Douglas.
Mat Hollingsworth

Omafiets Hawkesbury River Overnighter

Prue and I joined the Omafiets Hawkesbury River Overnight ride for a fantastic weekend of cycle touring and camping. It was a great way explore Sydney's surrounds and meet new people.
Mat Hollingsworth

Tokyo Long Weekend

2017 had been a stressful year for us, and we needed to rediscover how to have fun. So we took the Labour Day long weekend and made a spontaneous trip to Tokyo! Tsukiji Fish MarketWe took the overnight flight from Sydney and arrived at 5 am. Our AirBnB wasn't available